Protecting people and the planet through the power of sport and activity.

Young people and adults are more concerned over climate change and its effects on the natural environment than at any other time. At the same time, inactivity and obesity are at record levels.

We are a not-for-profit organisation who passionately believe in the symbiotic relationship between the environment and human activity. After all, if we don’t preserve and protect the lakes, oceans, forests, coastlines, mountains and moors then how we expect people to be more active?

In 2019, we launched the Planet Earth Games, the world’s first environment themed multi-sports event.

In collaboration with partners, we deliver innovative experiences that inspire and build a healthier planet for all. Together, we host activities for all the community, including paddle boarding, plogging (jogging and picking up litter), walking and cycling and also share best practice in environmental sustainability including plastic reduction, leaving no trace, recycling, going carbon zero, active travel and veganism.

We enable the community, businesses and schools to achieve environmental and physical activity goals. We achieve this through innovative events, experiences and products that have an immediate impact on environmental improvement and which also educate and inspire audiences to address climate change in the long-term.

We are committed to:

  • Empowering people to develop an active relationship with the environment.
  • Engaging people in innovative models of environmental sustainability and physical activity.
  • Educating, informing and engaging people in best practice in environmental sustainability.
  • Nurturing people’s enjoyment and understanding of the natural environment for improved wellbeing.

Making the changes that benefit us all start here. Through activities and education, Planet Earth Games is having an impact every step of the way. Our eye is on the prize when it comes to building a better world for the next generation. And, we’re excited for the journey. But we’re not complacent, we’re always seeking out ways we can up our offering. Being part of our team means a commitment to evolving for the better, and we’re proud of where we’re headed. It’s a collective effort, and one we embark on together.

Play your part.

Charity number 1169058, registered as Devon Youth Games Trust

Our Guiding Lights

“We only have twelve years to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.”
2018 United Nations Report.

41% of 18-25 year olds in 22 countries respondents cite global warming as the most important issue facing the world.
Future of Humanity Survey.

Physical inactivity costs the NHS in the UK around £1 billion per year.
Public Health England.

Since Greta Thunberg first began her School Climate Strike in August 2018, over 7m have taken part in demonstrations calling on Governments across the world to urgently address climate change.

“There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.”
Study by Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Children are increasingly suffering anxiety, stress and grief about climate change.
University of Bath 2019.

Connecting to nature leads to a scientifically significant increase in people’s health, happiness, and active behaviours.
Wildlife Trusts.

“There are over 150 plastic bottles littering each mile of UK beaches.”
Surfers Against Sewage study.

34% of men and 42% of women reported that they did not meet UK guidelines on physical activity.
NHS report, 2016.

Individuals who visit natural spaces weekly, and feel psychologically connected to them, report better physical and mental wellbeing.
Journal of Environmental Psychology.